Trinity Western University

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As Canada’s premier Christian university, Trinity Western University (TWU) equips students to find and fulfill their purpose in life while developing skills for today’s professions. Along with a world-class academic community, TWU provides a supportive environment built on faith, intentionality, and authenticity. The full extent of this vibrant community is delivered through TWU Access, Trinity Western’s new multi-access experience that allows students to take courses online and in person, connect with peers and professors, and take advantage of services designed to help them thrive.

TWU offers 48 undergraduate and 19 graduate degrees in business, leadership, nursing, psychology, education, communications, interdisciplinary humanities, computing science, arts, theology, and more. Each program includes practical preparation for today’s global marketplace. TWU also serves the adult learning community with flexible certificate and online programs.

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Temps plein (premier cycle)
2 604

Temps plein (cycles supérieurs)
1 402

Temps partiel (premier cycle)

Source : Trinity Western University (2020 preliminary fall enrolment)



Frais de scolarité, premier cycle :
22 260 $

Frais de scolarité, cycles supérieurs :
20 100 $ - 45 000 $


Frais de scolarité, premier cycle :
22 260 $

Frais de scolarité, cycles supérieurs :
20 100 $ - 45 000 $

Source : Trinity Western University. Fees for general programs in arts and humanities (2020-21)

Nota : In addition to tuition fees, universities generally charge fees for goods and services supplied to students. This includes areas such as student associations, sports and health. These additional fees vary widely per university and per student and can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Check with the university for details.